The story so far…

South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook project

The story behind the South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook project

The story so far…

Like many things, this project began as a casual conversation. Scott and I were discussing the kind of projects we love to work on, the ones that truly satisfy us. I mentioned one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been part of – creating a community cookbook to help fund a local library in Nelson, BC. As the words flowed from my mouth, we arrived at the same conclusion at the same time – Why don’t we do that here? And so the idea was born.
With the seed planted in our brains we parted and left it to grow over a few months. In this time, another casual conversation between Rheanna and I solidified the concept and the notion that we were the folks to make it happen.   As a team, we will create a beautiful cookbook with recipes, art, writing and photography that celebrates the incredible and vibrant local food community of Southern Georgian Bay.

The book is an opportunity to bring chefs, farmers, food producers and community members together with partial proceeds of the book being used to support and help grow a local food initiative.

So far the response is overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to working together, with the community, to create a book and online presence that encompasses the beauty, talent, hard work, dedication and good food of this place that we all love.

Recipe developer and editor Rheanna Kish and photographer Heather Goldsworthy in the studio photographing for the South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook

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